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EMEA Venture Builder develops many systems, models, or projects at once. We introduces a framework of developing innovative solutions ready to use.  We resolve challenges by conveying results stemming from scientific and technological research to the market place and building ventures at scale.


Through Technology transfer we develop machine learning model into tools  for direct use of products for organizations.

We design and implement new solutions by adopting innovation approaches and embracing digital technologies.

The basic gateway for enterprise automation involves software solutions that mimic rule-based operations.

Use cases include website scraping, order processing, data entry, and migration, OCR, etc.


Machine Learning (ML)

We develop and train machine learning models by using data to automate classification and prediction-based processes with minimal programming. Algorithms fuel the functioning of ML systems for automating customer segmentation, data extraction, demand forecasting and recommendations.



We use evolved OCR systems backed by ML tools such as

Tesseract OCR to automate data capture and extraction

from variable documents.


While traditional systems required human efforts to restructure

templates, ML-based OCR automatically helps to identify different

layouts, fields, contrast, and variable text placement. Cost

and time effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy are the

immediate benefits of employing AI-powered OCR systems

with far-reaching applications including:


a) Invoice Processing

b) Employee Onboarding

c) eKYC

d) Healthcare data management

e) Contract management, and more.



AI-powered Cognitive Chatbots

Chatbots sprawling across digital channels, it is imperative

for enterprises to identify the right virtual assistant that

enhances customer experience. While rule-based chatbots

follow a pre-defined script, intelligent virtual agents learn

from data to provide human-like interaction.

From healthcare chatbots to shopping assistants,

AI is empowering businesses with cognitive capabilities

to engage customers with quality responses and suggestions.



Your Automation Partner for Building Data-driven AI Applications for Business

EMEA reflects on the current business downturn caused by COVID-19 as an opportunity for disrupting legacy systems.

We harness the power of AI, machine learning, NLP and deep learning to generate value from process automation.


Our AI applications for business automation encompass robotic and cognitive solutions, including:


a) Domain-specific employee management systems

b) Cognitive chatbots

c) Personalized recommendations

d) ML-based OCR systems, and more.


We follow a strategic approach to BPA that matches business requirements with customized automation while accelerating operational efficiency and revenues. Join forces with our AI development team to unlock new opportunities for your business