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EMEA Venture Builder provide technology solutions in precision medecine and individualized therapies. We bring together companies, R&D centers, researchers, innovators and talents to tackle the biggest issues in healthcare.


We deploy an effective use of specialized knowledge with cross-linking skills and know-how from different areas to allow technology development to be much faster, more efficient and widen value creation.


We create, develop and realise concepts by carrying out empirical analysis, frequent prototyping and testing, and by drawing upon their manufacturing and production knowledge to design products that our clients can release into the market.


Turning challenges

in innovative solutions


Research and Development

We empower companies through science, research and technology development by:




We identify key R&D innovative solutions, startups and technologies ready for investment opportunities. We go beyond the traditional corporate venturing by connecting investors with projects and startups.


We reach and screen high potential projects from research centers, universities and startups.



We develop custom mobile app and web-based software solution to deliver benefits for remote monitoring, telemedecine, AI integration, patient engagement and health records management. We design, build and support softwares and we help throughout the entire process of discovery, development and evolution.




We design medical devices with in-depth understanding of numerous technologies, including imaging, radiation and biomechanics.

We support the product design process through:


  • Project Research: we conduct industry research and interview customers to design the perfect fit product
  • Concept development: We design products using technology and computer simulations by detailing all the aspects
  • Prototyping and Testing : we produce the first prototypes of the medical device and we test them in real conditions
  • Project Documentation: we record the product details, features, process of assembly and development stages
  • Product Liaison: we move the project to production. We partner with medical device manufacturers.